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Georgia demonstrators defy police


Georgia demonstrators defy police

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TBLISI, Georgia (AP) -- Police on Wednesday forced dozens of opposition supporters from a site in the capital where five days of protests had drawn thousands, but demonstrators later returned and renewed their calls for the president's resignation.

Police charged into the street in front of parliament in the early morning and chased away more than 100 demonstrators who had remained overnight, Ivlian Khaindrava, a leader of the opposition Republican Party, told The Associated Press.

But hundreds of young people shouting anti-President Mikhail Saakashvili slogans occupied the area a few hours later, and the crowd grew fast, reaching at least 1,000 as protesters returned.

Opposition forces have gathered at the site every day since Friday, when more than 50,000 people rallied.

The protesters initially called for changes in the dates of planned elections and in the electoral system, but later made Saakashvili's resignation their central demand. The protests are the biggest challenge to Saakashvili since his landslide election after the Rose Revolution four years ago.

"Misha, you will soon fall," young men shouted as they ran toward parliament to occupy the site.



This reminds me so much of the People Power Revolution during the Marcos regime in the 80s. Filipinos can pull a peaceful one though. This one is a little extreme.

To be honest, I'm a little angry at the fact that there has been much bloodshed and rallies made by the youth. It's really unbecoming of my generation. Sure, I understand that they know what's going wrong, but really, is a rally necessary? I believe that one group of young people who truly understand the situation should face their government leader. This is the period of diplomacy, that's why the UN was established.
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