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Skipped Back 10

November 1st, 2007

TAMPA, Florida (CNN) -- Some Christian congregations, particularly in lower income, urban areas, are turning to an unlikely source for help -- the Church of Scientology.

Scientologists do not worship God, much less Jesus Christ. The church has seen plenty of controversy and critics consider it a cult. So why are observant Christians embracing some of its teachings?


My thoughts

I badly wanted to comment on this, if only I found this damn blog earlier. This is another step in the integration of human society. I believe that true Christians should be open-minded towards everything. The past has gone, and there are new thoughts sprouting up everyday. What may seem radical to us Christians may be a norm to other religious sects.

So what if they don't worship God?

So what if they don't worship Jesus Christ?

A lot of religious denominations don't, and we respect their beliefs. In fact, our Christian religion has been embracing different religions for the past 2,000 years. Christianity is very much like Buddhism, Islam and Judaism. We follow the same precepts as Buddhists do, our old testaments are pretty much similar to Islam and Judaism.

If we continue to be so close-minded on the possibilities that probably Scientology can open up more secrets about our own religion, then we no better than rocks.

Opening ourselves to something new can open the world filled with possibilities for a better world.
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