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Myta Keeps It Real with News n Views

News from CNN and Y! Views from Me!

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Who I am: I'm Myta. I'm all sorts of things. I love God, my family, my pets and my friends. I love current news and affairs. I love CNN.

I thrive in sadness... most of my stories always have a sad theme. I believe that without sadness, we cannot recognize happiness. And in sadness, most of the time, we find enlightenment and hope. We need both sadness and happiness in order to balance our life.

I also thrive in fun. I'm not an emo person. I go for outings and trips to the mall. I just don't like shopping.

I look up to Al Gore, Hilary Clinton, Anderson Cooper and Quentin Tarantino. I love those guys. They make me into the person that I am today. Totally random!

What this site is about: It's a compilation of some kinds of news that I like, my thoughts about them and other random rantings about what I see on TV.